World Orphan Week

We are running World Orphan Week in September 2017.

World Orphan Week is our way of raising awareness of the number of orphaned children growing up alone around the world, with nothing and no one to care for them.

The awareness and funds raised through World Orphan Week enable SOS Children's Villages ( to change the lives of these vulnerable children and ensure they grow up with the love, care and security of a family.

World Orphan Week is an opportunity for you to be part of this change. In the past, we raised vital funds for children in Chipata, Zambia, and this video shows you the amazing work of our supporters at this special time of year:


Why is World Orphan Week important?

A girl from IndiaPoverty, disease, natural disasters and conflict are breaking families apart, leaving children increasingly at risk.

All around the world, when children lose the care of their parents, families step in to help. However extended families, already overstressed and overwhelmed, are struggling to cope.

Children are losing their first line of protection – their parents – and the impact of orphanhood is huge.

Orphaned children are at higher risk of severe malnutrition, high mortality rates, lower levels of school attendance, and increased likelihood of child labour, that result from lack of parental care.

Not only have these children had to suffer the difficulty of losing their parents, but they are more likely to be subjected to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS

Among the leading causes of orphanhood is HIV/AIDS, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. The AIDS epidemic in Zambia is among the worst in the world. Under the pressures of poverty and disease, many extended families are breaking down. The number of child-headed households is increasing, as older children are forced to look after their young siblings. 

Realising children’s rights

Every child born into this world has the right to survival, protection and participation in family life; as ratified by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

For every orphaned child, not only have we failed to meet their rights, but we have missed an opportunity for them to develop into productive and creative individuals contributing to their society.

SOS Children protects orphaned children’s rights, not only meeting their right to a family, but ensuring access to food, shelter, education and healthcare. To be part of a loving, stable and secure family not only increases a child’s chances of survival, but enables them to thrive.

What should I do during World Orphan Week?

World Orphan Week is your chance to reach out to children who do not have a family to care for them. Urgent action must be taken to ensure the care and support for children is increased.

SOS Children's Villages  plans to not only increase the number of orphaned children receiving direct care in our Villages, but also work with vulnerable families in the community to prevent children losing the care of their parents. To do this, we need your help.

There are so many ways that you can support World Orphan Week. From organising a fundraising event, to raising awareness. Last time, many of you helped us by running, rowing, walking, cycling and swimming - collectively undertaking the distance from the UK to Chipata. Whatever you decide to do, we'll support you as you undertake your World Orphan Week challenge. 

Have a look at SOS Children's Villages UK website for:

  • Fundraising ideas
  • How to raise awareness

How to fundraise for your World Orphan Week challenge

Visit Virgin Money Giving  to create your online fundraising page. It’s really easy to set up and takes just a few minutes. You can personalise your page with photos and a message. Then email it to your friends and family, so they can make a secure online donation and leave you messages of support. Donations are transferred straight to SOS Children's Villages together with the Gift Aid from every eligible donation.

Prefer to write or call?

If you would like to talk about getting involved, please call or email a member of the team on 01223 365589 or [email protected]

Thank you for supporting orphans around the world!